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Rangeland Voices

Sadia Musse Ahmed, PENHA, Somaliiland
Sadia Musse Ahmed, PENHA Country Representation for Somaliland/Somalia, speaks of the role of women in pastoralism. Credit: CELEP.
Living on faith in a changing climate
South African livestock keepers and scientists highlight the impact of climate change and the subsequent prolonged droughts on marginalised pastoralist communities living in Namaqualand close to the Namibian border. Credit: Clement Cupido.

Featured Videos

Conservation South Africa
Ecorangers are local herders who protect livestock, maintain areas cleared of invasive species and gather data for monitoring conditions in the South African veld.
Olosho - film by Maasai in Tanzania
Participatory video by Maasai pastoralists in Tanzania, facilitated by InsightShare (excerpt from longer film)

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