Michèle Rivasi, Member of European Parliament from France


Perspectives on Pastoralism Film Festival - Trailer (CELEP)

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Recognise how rangelands and pastoralists contribute to the world’s culture, economy and environmental health!

See the beauty of the rangelands and listen to stories of the people who care for them!

"An International Year of Rangelands and Pastoralists could provide the impetus and momentum necessary for a worldwide understanding of the importance of these lands and people to global food security and environmental services.”

T. JambaltserenMinistry of Food, Agriculture & Light Industry, Mongolia

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Explore rangelands and pastoralist communities in different regions of the world!

Nenets reindeer herders
Philip Burgess
Wendy Sheehan
Tibet wild yak
Marc Foggin
Somalia livestock at water point
Wolfgang Bayer
Europe and Arctic
Veronique Magnin
North America
Chris Bernau
South America
Fabian Pascual
South Asia image
Tamding Chewang
Western Africa
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