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Mohammad Taghi Farvar, CENESTA, Iran

Mohammad Taghi Farvar, CENESTA, from the Shahsevan group of pastoralists in Iranian Azerbaijan, speaking on Indigenous Peoples Day 2018 shortly before his death.

Ibrahim Al Masard, Jordan

Pastoralist Ibrahim Al Masarda describes changes he has observed in the rangelands in Jordan and calls for an IYRP to raise awareness about the importance of pastoral production and products for consumers.

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Resilience to climate change: the story of a desert periphery in Iran

Ahmad Salehi, an Abolhassani pastoralist in Iran, makes observations about climate change and how his family is adapting by diversifying sources of livelihood. Credit: ICCA

Map, territory, life in Iran

The late Ghanimat Azhdari talks about the life of her people, the Qashqai of Iran.

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