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Rangelands cover vast areas of North America from the Canadian prairies to the desert grasslands of Mexico. They provide livelihoods and a wealth of ecosystem services that are increasingly recognized as contributing to climate solutions. It is critical to bring these messages to the global community. Designating an IYRP will provide this opportunity!

Rangeland Voices

Changing a landscape to a lifescape: the Humboldt Ranch

The story of the Humboldt Ranch is about how a change in livestock grazing practices on a ranch in northeastern Nevada is transforming gullies to wetlands and landscapes to lifescapes (Intermountain West Joint Venture)

Dr. Maria Fernandez-Gimenez (Colorado State University)

Featured Videos

Sims Ranch: Public Lands Ranching and the Legacy of Stewardship

Public Lands Council; 3:43 minutes

Passing down ranch traditions in Oregon’s high desert

Tradition means everything to this Burns, Oregon family. And springtime is the season to round up cattle and pass on skills to the next generation of ranchers. (Oregon Public Broadcasting; 10:38 minutes)

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