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Hanwant Singh, LPPS, India
Hanwant Singh from the NGO Lokhit Pashu-Palik Sansthan (LPPS), which works with camel herders in Rajasthan, welcomes an IYRP so that pastoralists are given recognition.

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Herding buffaloes in deep Chilika waters, East India
To the east of India, far from the swimming camels of Kutch in the west, the water buffaloes of the famed Chilika Lake boast a rich legacy. Herds of Chilika buffaloes swim across the lake waters for forage. They transfer rich nutrients to both lands and seas and continue to sustain pastoral livelihoods in the region. Video initiative by Balaram Sahu of Pathe Pathshala.
Swimming through tide & time: camels of Kutch, West India
The swimming Kharai camels enrich the coastal ecosystem in the Kutch but state policies’ dismissal of traditional knowledge of the pastoralist communities endangers the lives of these camels and their herders in and around the Marine National Park and Sanctuary in Jamnagar, Gujarat. Video initiative by PARI (People’s Archive of Rural India).

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