Videos on Rangeland Science

The untold story of grasses
Grasslands – with the help of fire & large herds – created an open sunlit world, extraordinarily rich in plants & animals – now all threatened by a trillion trees. Grasses call for wisdom & understanding. #Grasslands #Forests #TrillionTrees Script & narration by William Bond
Virtual tour of East African Drylands - Big Lands, Big Opportunities
The great savannahs of East Africa—home to nomadic pastoralists and spectacular wildlife populations—are productive and resilient landscapes that are often un-appreciated or ignored. Credit: ILRI.
Conservation and Sustainable Management of Rangelands
Dr Jonathan Davies, Coordinator, IUCN Drylands Programme, highlights the need for appropriate policy & investment in pastoralists and their rangelands, where they produce high-value food & fibre and safeguard globally important ecosystem services. Credit: International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)
PASTRES: Are livestock always bad for the environment?
Prof. Dr Ian Scoones, Institute of Development Studies (IDS), UK, with key points from PASTRES (Pastoralism, Uncertainty, Resilience) report on livestock & climate change: livestock is not a climate 'villain'; pastoralists’ experiences suggest a more complex picture. For the full report, see Credit: PASTRES.
Grasslands Stewards of East Africa: Voices of Pastoralists and Scientists
Kenyan pastoralists & ILRI (International Livestock Research Institute) scientists offer myth-busting facts about East Africa’s drylands and explain how pastoralist communities can be supported to continue their stewardship of the land. Credit: ILRI.