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Lower Omo: Local Tribes Under Threat
The Oakland Institute reveals the situation of agropastoralists in Southern Ethiopia, where most of the 200,000 people (Bode, Dassenach, Hamer, Karo, Kwegu, Mursi, Nyangatom and Suri) raise livestock. The annual flooding of the Omo River replenishes grazing areas and allows flood-retreat cropping on the riverbanks. Their livelihoods are threatened by the Gibe III dam.
Stewards Rising: Improving Community Resilience
The Eastern and Southern Africa Regional Programme of IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) shows how communities in semi-arid areas in northern Uganda and northern Kenya are using natural solutions to tackle environmental challenges.
Pastoralism is the future (Wafugaji wanaohamahama tayari wamepiga hatua mbele)
Watch the new animated video: Pastoralists turn variability into food (Swahili)
Pastoralism is the future (Amharic)