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Zukunft der Schäferei (The future of shepherding)
The German Schäfermeister (Master Shepherd) Knut Kucznik sees a future for himself and his colleagues – shepherds and sheep and sheepdogs –with the “greening” of Europe. Credit: Knut Kucznik
Stories from the landscape: cattle drove
In Clare County, Ireland, the Burren Beo livestock-keepers practise transhumance as “winterage”, an old tradition of grazing the highlands in winter, in contrast to moving herds to mountain pastures in summer in the European Alps. Credit: Paul Murphy
Die Schäfer
Shepherds provide agricultural and ecological benefits to society, but growing bureaucracy and lack of economic recognition for these services threaten shepherds’ existence. Credit: Peter Schanz
Trailer of a film on the shepherds' long march through Europe to raise awareness about the importance of extensive sheep herding for agriculture, environment and society in western Europe. (German) Credit: Peter Schanz.
Extensive livestock farming: an opportunity to tackle climate change
This video animation by Marta Guadalupe Rivera Ferre gives a social perspective on strategies to adapt to climate change in Spanish pastoralism, showing principles that are applicable worldwide.
"Transhumance: walking and sowing for a sustainable future" (English subtitles)
Transhumance Festivals held in Madrid for the past 27 years are celebrated in this short documentary.