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IYRP - Video message of the Portuguese presidency of the European Council
Rui Martinho, Secretary of State for Agriculture and Rural Development, Representative of the Portuguese Presidency of the European Council, June 2021
Transhumance: coming and going on ancient livestock trails (English subtitles)
Transhumance journey through the traditional livestock routes in Jaén Province, Spain, showing the tremendous environmental, social, cultural and economic work carried out by the transhumant herders. Credit: Katy Gomez.
Mobile pastoralism in Turkey
Scenes and fragments depicting the lives and environment of mobile sheep-herding families in Turkey. Credit: Yolda Initiative
In questo mondo (In this world)
Trailer for longer film on herding by women in Italy. Credit: Anna Kauber
Zukunft der Schäferei (The future of shepherding)
The German Schäfermeister (Master Shepherd) Knut Kucznik sees a future for himself and his colleagues – shepherds and sheep and sheepdogs –with the “greening” of Europe. Credit: Knut Kucznik
Stories from the landscape: cattle drove
In Clare County, Ireland, the Burren Beo livestock-keepers practise transhumance as “winterage”, an old tradition of grazing the highlands in winter, in contrast to moving herds to mountain pastures in summer in the European Alps. Credit: Paul Murphy
Die Schäfer
Shepherds provide agricultural and ecological benefits to society, but growing bureaucracy and lack of economic recognition for these services threaten shepherds’ existence. Credit: Peter Schanz
Extensive livestock farming: an opportunity to tackle climate change
This video animation by Marta Guadalupe Rivera Ferre gives a social perspective on strategies to adapt to climate change in Spanish pastoralism, showing principles that are applicable worldwide.
Trailer of a film on the shepherds' long march through Europe to raise awareness about the importance of extensive sheep herding for agriculture, environment and society in western Europe. (German) Credit: Peter Schanz.