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Ms Solongo & her community of herders in Mongolia

Solongo, the leader of the Aduunchluun community of 17 herding families in Mongolia, supports the IYRP proposal made by her Government.

Kyrgyzstan supports IYRP 2026

The National Association of Pasture Users of Kyrgyzstan, on behalf of the over 3 million pastoralists in the country, explains the great importance of their livestock and natural pastures for livelihoods and cultural identify of the Kyrgyz people and give their enthusiastic support for designation of an IYRP.

Featured Videos

H.E. Mendsaikhan Zagdjav, Minister of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry of the Government of Mongolia

H.E. Mendsaikhan Zagdjav Minister of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry of the Government of Mongolia, addressing the webinar "Pastoralism: a crucial way to tackle sustainability challenges in EU and beyond”, organised on 14.06.21 by Yolda Initiative with European Committee of the Regions and Euromontana. [English Version; 6:16 minutes].

Tes River Mongolians

Nomadic herders on the banks of the Tes River in Mongolia see the river as God’s blessing for their source of livelihood. Filmmakers Namuulan Gankhuyag and Tseelei Enkh-Amgalan show the lifestyle of the herder families and their respect for their natural environment. They invite you to watch their full-length 1-hour film (without English subtitles) at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZfBB9sDL9K0&t=736s

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