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Ms Solongo & her community of herders in Mongolia
Solongo, the leader of the Aduunchluun community of 17 herding families in Mongolia, supports the IYRP proposal made by her Government.
Kyrgyzstan supports IYRP 2026
The National Association of Pasture Users of Kyrgyzstan, on behalf of the over 3 million pastoralists in the country, explains the great importance of their livestock and natural pastures for livelihoods and cultural identify of the Kyrgyz people and give their enthusiastic support for designation of an IYRP.

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Next year might be the last
Ongoing work on nomadic migrations in Western Mongolia.
Thomas Cytrynowicz
Choose Ecotourism in Kyrgyzstan!
The extraordinary natural assets of the Tianshan Mountains and Lake Issykul and the welcoming culture of the Kyrgyz herders invite visitors to discover Kyrgyzstan through ecotourism.

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