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Nel Cañedo, Inland-Campo Adentro Shepherds School

The Shepherds School in Spain trains existing & future shepherds, also city youth. It arranges exchanges between shepherds from different countries and facilitates pastoralist organisation in Europe and elsewhere in the world.

János Máté, Hungarian cattle herder

Traditional cattle herding: an afternoon on the pasture with the herder János Máté (Hungary). Credit: Zsolt Molnár & Dávid Pelé

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Michèle Rivasi, late MEP, supporting an IYRP

Michèle Rivasi, the late Member of European Parliament (MEP) from France, strongly supported the IYRP until her death in Nov 2023.

"Transhumance: walking and sowing for a sustainable future" (English subtitles)

This short video celebrates the Transhumance Festivals held in Madrid, Spain, since 27 years.

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